OffTheLeftEye Launches New Website and New Programming

As our offTheLeftEye YouTube channel has grown and the number of videos that we have posted has continued to expand, we’ve been looking for ways to reach an even wider audience and to help our existing fans find videos more easily. On July 13, we took a big step in that direction by launching a dedicated website for offTheLeftEye:  

On the site you’ll find our most popular videos organized by topic so that they form a sequential exploration of a subject, with the ability for our team to create custom playlists and for viewers to add videos to a “watch later” tab. You can also sign up for our OTLE-exclusive e-mail list for the latest news and special perks. 

At the same time, we’re launching a new content schedule for OTLE that features the same programs that viewers know and love, but organized around a single content theme that extends to discussion on the OTLE Facebook page, the YouTube Community tab, and a brand-new podcast called Inside offTheLeftEye.  

The new weekly content schedule launched on July 13 along with You’ll find something new every day of the week:

  • Monday: A new episode of Swedenborg & Life that sets the theme for the week; for launch week, the theme is marriage love and the spiritual bond that can exist between two people.
  • Tuesday: We’ll post a new piece of inspirational art on that week’s theme via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. E-mail list subscribers will get it sent directly to their inbox!
  • Wednesdays: A new episode of News from Heaven, where Curtis walks us through a passage from Swedenborg that relates to the weekly theme and describes how it applies to our everyday lives.
  • Thursday: A weekly reflection question distributed through our OTLE social media pages.
  • Friday: A new episode of Swedenborg Live!, our re-titled Q&A show where the team talks more about the topic of the week and answers your questions.
  • Saturday: On YouTube, we’ll post a “Quick Answer” to the topic of the week, a short video with a compact overview.
  • Sunday: The week wraps up with a discussion on the Inside offTheLeftEye podcast.  

The podcast will feature interviews with Swedenborg & Life producer and host Curtis Childs as well as New Century Edition Series Editor and Swedenborg & Life co-host Jonathan S. Rose, offering extra insights into what the cast and crew is working on that week and tidbits from Swedenborg’s writings. Inside offTheLeftEye host Chelsea Odhner is a writer and production manager for Swedenborg & Life and also content director for The podcast officially launches Sunday, July 19, but a preview teaser episode was posted on the offTheLeftEye YouTube channel. You can find future episodes by subscribing through your favorite podcast streaming service! 

All video content will premiere at 12 p.m. Pacific Time, 3 p.m Eastern, and 7 p.m. GMT.

Visual schedule of Off the left eye weekly content

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