offTheLeftEye to Debut New Season of Swedenborg & Life April 1

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Producer and co-host Curtis Childs previews the channel’s new programming. Watch now >

Swedenborg & Life— Now with Season Themes

A new season of Swedenborg & Life is about to begin on Monday, April 1st! The channel has been airing live shows over the last few months while the team has worked on these brand new episodes that are focused on helping viewers figure out how to change their life story:

April 1: The Secret to Changing Your Life Story, Season 1, Episode 1
April 22: Where Stories Are Kept in Heaven, Season 1, Episode 2
May 13: How To Change Your Spirit Connections, Season 1, Episode 3
May 27: 6 Spiritual Powers of the Lord’s Prayer, Season 1, Episode 4

Going forward, Swedenborg & Life seasons will consist of four episodes, one of which will air every third Monday at 8 p.m. EST. The second season with a whole new theme will begin in June. On the Mondays in between new episodes, the team will explore Swedenborg and the Bible during Swedenborg & Life LIVE and take live questions from viewers in an hour-long Q&A show now called Good Question! (formerly Spiritual Questions Answered).

News from Heaven — Airing Twice a Week

A new show debuted on the offTheLeftEye channel back in January called News from Heaven, which airs Thursdays at 12:30 p.m. EST and Saturdays at 11:00 a.m. EST. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to watch and will keep tuning in, as the team plans to continue this series that explores heavenly mindsets. In each of these upcoming shows, Curtis will share excerpts from Swedenborg’s works and apply the concepts to your life:

March 28: How to Make Your Spirit Beautiful
March 30: How to Follow Jesus’s Two Great Commandments
April 4: How Jesus’s Two Great Commandments Are Connected
April 6:  What Is the Shape of Heaven?
April 11: How Good and Evil Spirits Bring Spiritual Crisis
April 13: What Does It Mean to “Reign with Christ”?

The team is extremely excited about the growth they’re experiencing and thankful to the viewers and supporters who’ve made it all possible! If you’ve never seen an offTheLeftEye video production or haven’t tuned in in a while, head over to the channel now and see what they’ve been up to >

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