• How I Would Help the World

    By Helen Keller
    Introduction by Ray Silverman

    This essay by Helen Keller expresses her deep gratitude to Emanuel Swedenborg, the Swedish seer who had a profound influence on her spiritual life. Read more

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Helen Keller’s life was deeply changed when she began to read the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg in braille. Referring to him as “one of the noblest champions true Christianity has ever known,” she said, “Swedenborg’s message has been my greatest incitement to overcome limitations.”

Certainly, Helen Keller did much to help the world. But she felt she could help the world most by sharing with others the inspiration that came to her through reading Swedenborg’s books. “Were I but capable,” she said, “of interpreting to others one-half of the stimulating thoughts and noble sentiments that are buried in Swedenborg’s writings, I should help them more than I am ever likely to in any other way. It would be of such a joy to me if I might be the instrument of bringing Swedenborg to a world that is spiritually deaf and blind.”

Her essay How I Would Help the World is her attempt to do this. It is accompanied by an introduction by scholar Ray Silverman elucidating Helen Keller’s spiritual process. This glimpse into the spiritual life of Helen Keller provides inspiration for those who may have wondered how she was able to find the strength and the courage to overcome her triple handicap. Pictures of Helen Keller are direct quotations from the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg accompany her poignant words.

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