• Swedenborg: Life and Teaching

    By George Trobridge
    Foreword by Richard H. Tafel, Sr. and Richard H. Tafel, Jr.

    Originally written in 1907 and later revised, this remains one of the most widely read biographies of Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) in print. Read more

    Hardcover, 176 pages

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An eighteenth-century scientist and intellectual titan, Emanuel Swedenborg spent his life in research. His studies ultimately led him to a search for the physiological seat of the soul. Following these investigations in the natural sciences, which gained him prominence throughout academic Europe, he dedicated the last twenty-seven years of his life to theology and the study of the Bible. In this final career phase, he believed himself to be under God’s call and illumination.

This book is the most widely read biography of the man who Ralph Waldo Emerson compared to Aristotle. It focuses on the remarkable accomplishments of one of history’s most unique and controversial figures.

Originally written in 1907, this volume was later revised by Swedenborgian ministers Richard H. Tafel Sr. and Richard H. Tafel Jr.

About the Author

George Trobridge was an English artist whose landscapes and sea paintings received considerable acclaim throughout England. He was also principal of the Belfast School of Art in Northern Ireland, a position he held for twenty-one years, and the father of noted architect Ernest George Trobridge (1884-1942).

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