• A Swedenborg Sampler

    Selections from Heaven and Hell, Divine Love and Wisdom, Divine Providence, Secrets of Heaven, and True Christianity

    By Emanuel Swedenborg
    Translated by George F. Dole, Lisa Hyatt Cooper, and Jonathan S. Rose

    For new readers of Swedenborg, this volume provides samples of some of his most powerful writings. Read more

    Paperback or e-book, 240 pages

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Swedish scholar and theologian Emanuel Swedenborg spent his life exploring both the physical sciences and the spiritual realms in his quest to understand the secrets of the human soul. In the process, he left volumes of writings that continue to inspire seekers today.

For new readers of Swedenborg, the challenge is knowing where to start and what to read. This volume offers a taste of some of his most powerful writings. Included are five books:

Heaven and Hell: an overview of the afterlife
Divine Love and Wisdom: an explanation of the nature of God
Divine Providence: an understanding of why evil is allowed to exist in the world
True Christianity: a different perspective on Christian teachings
Secrets of Heaven: an unveiling of the inner meaning of Scripture

What happens to our souls after we die? What is the nature of God? Of evil? How can we transform our inner selves and truly partake in God’s love? The writings in this volume answer all those questions and more, unfolding Swedenborg’s lessons about how we can deepen our faith and put it into action.

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