Questions about Swedenborg? Join Our Swedenborg and Life Community Chats!

Our weekly webcast Swedenborg and Life on the offTheLeftEye YouTube channel often addresses viewer questions, both during the webcast and in the comments left afterward. But our viewers enjoyed chatting during the show’s livestreams so much that we’ve launched a new series of live community chats to give people a chance to ask questions and interact with each other.

Along with Swedenborg and Life creator, producer, and host Curtis Childs, the live chats feature a variety of show contributors—from members of the writing team to special guests and more.

Chat times vary to allow people from many different geographical regions to participate. The next chat will be at 8 p.m. Eastern on Monday, August 14; to find other scheduled livestreams, visit our offTheLeftEye YouTube channel and look for the heading “Upcoming live streams.” On the same page, you can watch past live streams by scrolling down to “COMMUNITY CHATS.”

Be sure to subscribe to our channel to receive alerts when a livestream starts or whenever a new video is posted.


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