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Named Smartest Site for Religion by Newsweek magazine (Jan. 2011), connects viewers with like-minded individuals. The site features insightful and inspirational articles while inviting readers to join in stimulating discussions.

The Swedenborg Foundation has several book titles featured in the Book Club section of

What People are saying about Ghost Brother Angel

Ghost Brother Angel: About the Book and Author

Ghost Brother Angel: A Book Excerpt

The Core of Johnny Appleseed

Praise for The Core of Johnny Appleseed

The History of New Thought: About the author

Praise for The History of New Thought

Find out about the history of Tiffany’s angels and the inner meaning of the Book of Revelation; follow a guided meditation; read an interview with a contributor to the book; and join in a round-table discussion.  About Tiffany’s Swedenborgian Angels

Helen Keller’s life, reviews of the book, and a book excerpt. Best of all, participate in the Foundation’s Help Helen Keller Help the World contest for a chance to win a FREE copy of the book!  How I Would Help the World: A Book Excerpt

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