Swedenborg Foundation Library Open for Research and Reading

Located in West Chester, PA at the Swedenborg Foundation, the Library offers many resources for scientific, religious, cultural, historical, and spiritual inquiries. 

Over 2,000 books and documents are available for research needs — from recently published scholarly books to transcriptions of New Church radio broadcasts; DVDs and novels featuring Swedenborgian themes; works on science, history and religion; and biographies and bibliographies. Some of the library’s unique documents include historical New Church periodicals such as the New Church Children’s Magazine and meeting minutes from the 1800s. 

These and many other resources in the Library offer great primary source material for inquiry into the history of the New Church. Books are available in English, Latin, with selected copies of books in Spanish, Russian, Swedish, French, German, and Italian.

An on-site catalog of the Library’s contents has been categorized by topic as well as by author and by title. An electronic catalog is available on the Foundation’s website (see link at end of this article). Although most of the Library’s contents can only be used on-site, a number of titles are available for loan.

Library operating hours are Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Wireless internet is available for patrons. Please call or e-mail ahead at info@swedenborg.com or 610-430-3222 ext. 109.

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