Swedenborg Foundation Reboots Facebook Group with Focus on Lively Discussion

The Swedenborg Foundation is happy to announce the newly revitalized Watching & Reading Swedenborg Facebook group (formerly the “Swedenborg Online Discussion Team”). Digital media producer Curtis Childs began the group in 2014 for volunteer moderators of the offTheLeftEye YouTube channel, but the group has grown exponentially over the last few years and has evolved as a discussion forum for Swedenborg-related topics.

Since we’re always looking for ways to connect people who are interested in Swedenborg’s work, and Facebook recently unveiled some great new group features like Watch Parties (more details coming soon) and Get Togethers, we jumped at the opportunity to enhance the platform to help deepen spiritual bonds between people. For instance, members of the Facebook group can use the Get Together tool located as an option in Write Post mode to find out if there are others in the group located in their geographic region who would like to meet up to perhaps start a Swedenborg book club, Swedenborg & Life watch party, or prayer group. The Poll feature is another fun tool available for members of the group to ask others what their favorite books or episodes of Swedenborg & Life might be. Since Watching & Reading Swedenborg is a closed group, you can feel secure that while others can search for the group and see who’s in it, only members can see posts and content is closely monitored to ensure members adhere to our Code of Conduct.

If you’re a reader of our books, viewer of our offTheLeftEye videos, or just getting acquainted with Swedenborg, we invite you to join this interactive group! It’s a great place to engage in thoughtful conversations and learn how others are applying the eternal lessons of spiritual love and wisdom offered by Emanuel Swedenborg to their everyday lives. Request to join Watching & Reading Swedenborg here >

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