Swedenborg and Life Now Available as Podcast

By popular demand, the Swedenborg Foundation is now offering episodes of our weekly webcast Swedenborg and Life as an audio-only podcast.

The podcast isĀ hosted on Simplecast and availableĀ through iTunes, where listeners can stream individual episodes online or download them to mobile devices for offline listening. Like the webcast episodes, the podcast is free of charge on all platforms.

Each podcast episode is taken directly from the audio portion of its corresponding webcast episode, so listeners should be aware that the podcast may contain references to visual elements of the show. To watch full versions of any episode at any time, just visit our offTheLeftEye YouTube channel.

Currently, only the most recent episodes are available for download, but we will be gradually adding the entire series catalog. Listeners who would like to be automatically notified when new episodes are available can subscribe to the RSS feed through iTunes or their favorite podcasting platform.

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