Swedenborg and Life Now in Short Nuggets

On November 19, the Swedenborg Foundation launched a new series of short clips with highlights from our hour-long weekly webcast Swedenborg and Life.

The first clip, “God Didn’t Create Us to Be Robots,” features narrator Shada Sullivan reading a passage from Swedenborg on the nature of divine inflow (a term also translated influx) and how it relates to our freedom to choose between good and evil. The narration accompanies an animated sequence that illustrates the principles involved. The clip, which is a minute and forty seconds long, was taken from the episode “What God Can’t Do.”

More clips will be posted weekly with memorable and informative moments from recent and past shows. To find out when a new clip is posted, just subscribe to our offTheLeftEye YouTube channel or follow the Heaven and Hell Facebook page or the Swedenborg Foundation Facebook page for notifications.

S&L Short Clips Playlist

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