What is Transcendiots?

The Swedenborg Foundation is proud to announce it will host Transcendiotsa bi-weekly, interview-style video exploration, on its YouTube channel. Co-hosts Cory Bradford-Watts and Colin Amato were inspired to start the video project while in ministry training at the Center for Swedenborgian Studies of the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California. Motivated by the depth of religious backgrounds of others they crossed paths with at the school, they decided to turn on their cameras and start talking—talking to people with all different kinds of spiritual and life experiences. Now, a year later, they’re launching their first series of videos in partnership with us so others can witness the magic that happens when ideas of heart and mind are exchanged between diverse people in the midst of their personal evolutions.

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New interviews premiere every other Thursday morning at 9:00 a.m. ET on YouTube. Subscribe to the Swedenborg Foundation YouTube channel to know when we post new episodes!

Pilot Episode: Transcendent Beginnings with Cory & Colin

Aired Thursday April 18, 2019

In this pilot episode of the Transcendiots webcast, filmed in spring 2018, Cory and Colin talk about what inspired the name of the show, what they hoped to achieve through the project when they started it, how spirituality, entertainment, and pop culture cross paths, and more!

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People Involved

Rev. Cory Bradford-Watts is an ordained minister with the Swedenborgian Church of North America and a member of the Swedenborg Foundation board of directors. His current ministry includes leading and officiating the Swedenborgian Online Community—an affirming interfaith group that meets weekly to grow in love and wisdom online. Cory was exposed to many different religious traditions growing up, but had little personal belief in Divinity. Then, after experiencing a mystical near-death experience as a young adult, he started to sense the spiritual qualities of life and developed a belief in the Creator. He eventually found himself drawn to the pluralistic, Christian nature of Swedenborgianism, and answered the call to uplift others wherever they’re at, no matter their creed or culture.

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