Updated Classics for Your Collection

The Swedenborg Foundation is pleased to offer you the following classic works now with redesigned interiors, new covers, and editorial updates! Best of all, each reprint can be instantly downloaded at no cost or low cost in e-book format.


The Natural Depth in Man

by Wilson van Dusen

Psychologist Wilson Van Dusen explores the secret spaces of our inner world with clues drawn from his own personal experience, his work with psychiatric patients, and his study of Eastern and Western philosophy. Incorporating the insights of Emanuel Swedenborg, Van Dusen discusses self-reflection, dreams, and the mystical experience.

Available as paperback and e-book


A Scientist Explores Spirit: A Biography of Emanuel Swedenborg

by George Dole and Robert Kirven

This short, well-researched overview of the life of scientist-turned-seer Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) includes a timeline of major events in his life, a bibliography of his works, and an outline of his key theological concepts.

Available as paperback, free e-book, and downloadable PDF


Afterlife: A Guided Tour of Heaven and Its Wonders

by Emanuel Swedenborg, edited by Donald L. Rose

A new cover features an original painting by Ton Gravelijn, a Dutch artist who’s an avid reader of Swedenborg and whose work often features Swedenborg-inspired themes and imagery. Afterlife is an abridged version of Swedenborg’s classic work Heaven and Hell, with passages specially chosen to help guide the reader through the spiritual world.

Available as paperback, free e-book, and downloadable PDF


The Joy of Spiritual Growth

by Frank Rose and Bob Maginel

A practical handbook filled with daily spiritual exercises and tasks that draw upon the teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg to help you quell negative emotions and find joy in the everyday.

Available as paperback and e-book

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