E. Kent Rogers in Publishers Weekly: Starred Review and Interview


Another interview with author E. Kent Rogers in Publishers Weekly, Religion Bookline about his new book, 12 Miracles of Spiritual Growth: Paths of Healing from the Gospels.

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Also a starred review for 12 Miracles of Spiritual Growth:

12 Miracles of Spiritual Growth: A Path of Healing from the Gospels
E. Kent Rogers. Swedenborg Foundation (Chicago Distribution Center, dist.),$15.95 trade paper (234p) ISBN 978-0-87785-343-5
It is a common conceit among theologians that biblical miracles, inasmuch as they diverge from natural law, are invented and imagined stories aimed toward building up the faithful. Emanuel Swedenborg (1688–1772), Swedish philosopher and theologian, devised a system of thought that easily accommodated the miraculous, explaining and enlarging upon the scriptural accounts in a deeply personal and profoundly meaningful way. Rogers, a graduate of Bryn Athyn College (a Swedenborgian institution) and founder of Loving Arms Mission, has set out to translate into contemporary metaphor the way Swedenborg’s understandings of the inner meaning of scripture can transform the miracle stories into powerful lessons for today’s spiritual seekers. Categorizing into several areas, such as “Healing from Lack of Forgiveness” and “Healing from Doubt,” the author lays out a thoughtful path toward self-healing, guiding the reader toward wholeness. In a day when books on personal growth and remediation fill bookstore shelves, this marvelous volume can fill a need for a truly spiritual and solidly biblical approach to personal growth.

(May 2012, Publishers Weekly)

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