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Most people who cite Swedenborg’s writings use what is currently known as the Standard Edition, the English translation produced in the early 1900s. In the 1990s, these translations were electronically input in order to create a new typeset version, and at the same time some of the language was updated and clarified by the project editor, William Ross Woofenden. These volumes are known as the Redesigned Standard Edition.

These PDFs are available for free online reading or download. If you click on the titles below, it will open up a new browser window with the full text of the volume. Depending on which browser you use, the text may display differently, so if you’re having trouble reading it, you may wish to download the text to your computer. To do that, look for a menu option that allows you to “Save Page As…” (if you have a mouse with left and right buttons, you can right-click on the document itself for a menu with this option). When the dialog box appears, choose to save the file somewhere on your computer in PDF format. Then you can open the file using a program such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Please note that the page number displayed in your PDF reader window may not match the number on the page you are looking at. Also, if you are downloading a short work that was originally published as part of a larger volume, the pagination of that short work will correspond to its place in that larger volume.

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Indented titles in the list below are components of the larger volumes that can be downloaded separately.

Arcana Coelestia, volume 1

Arcana Coelestia, volume 2

Arcana Coelestia, volume 3

Arcana Coelestia, volume 4

Arcana Coelestia, volume 5

Arcana Coelestia, volume 6

Arcana Coelestia, volume 7

Arcana Coelestia, volume 8

Arcana Coelestia, volume 9

Arcana Coelestia, volume 10

Arcana Coelestia, volume 11

Arcana Coelestia, volume 12

Heaven and Hell

Miscellaneous Theological Works

New Jerusalem and Its Heavenly Doctrine

A Brief Exposition of the Doctrine of the New Church

Interaction of the Soul and Body

The White Horse (including: Appendix to the Treatise on the White Horse)

Earths in the Universe

Last Judgement

Continuation on Last Judgment / Continuation on the Spiritual World

Apocalypse Explained, volume 1

Apocalypse Explained, volume 2

Apocalypse Explained, volume 3

Apocalypse Explained, volume 4

Apocalypse Explained, volume 5

Apocalypse Explained, volume 6 (including the three works listed separately below)

Divine Love and Divine Wisdom

The Athanasian Creed

Concerning the Lord and Concerning the Holy Spirit

Four Doctrines

Doctrine of the Lord

Nine Questions

Doctrine of Holy Scripture

Doctrine of Life

Doctrine of Faith

Divine Love and Wisdom

Divine Providence

Apocalypse Revealed, volume 1

Apocalypse Revealed, volume 2

Conjugial Love

True Christian Religion, volume 1

True Christian Religion, volume 2

Posthumous Theological Works, volume 1

Autobiographical Letters of Emanuel Swedenborg

Sketch of the Coronis, or Appendix, to True Christian Religion

Coronis or Appendix to True Christian Religion

Consummation of the Age, the Lord’s Second Coming, and the New Church

Invitation to the New Church

Additions to True Christian Religion

Canons of the New Church


Sketch of Ecclesiastical History of the New Church

Concerning the Sacred Scripture or the Word of the Lord from Experience [De Verbo]

Last Judgment (Posthumous)

Argument Concerning the Judgment

Posthumous Theological Works, volume 2

Summaries of the Internal Sense of the Prophetical Books, the Psalms, and Historical Parts of the Word

Scripture Confirmations of the New Church Doctrine [Dicta Probantia]

Precepts of the Decalogue

Marriage [De Conjugio]

Indexes to the “Missing Treatise” Angelic Wisdom concerning Marriage

Collected Minor Works (including: “Five Memorable Relations,” “Conversations with Angels,” “Justification and Good Works,” “A Conversation with Calvin and Fifty of His Followers Concerning the Athanasian Creed,” “God the Savior,” “Jesus Christ,” “Specimen and Sketch of the Doctrine of the New Church in Summary,” “Theological Extracts from Swedenborg’s Correspondence,” and “Gad and Asher”)

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