OffTheLeftEye Hits 40,000 Subscribers

The offTheLeftEye YouTube channel, home to our weekly webcast Swedenborg and Life, reached 40,000 subscribers in mid-October, following a month of record high views and minutes watched. It was almost exactly a year ago that the channel hit 20,000 subscribers, making for an exciting year of growth in the channel’s history.

One of the most popular episodes of Swedenborg and Life, “Why Don’t Those Who’ve Died Communicate With Us More?” went viral in mid-September, causing a sharp increase in both the number of video views and the total minutes watched for that month. On the peak day we had 29,425 views and 287,901 minutes watched, and for the next week or so the channel continued to have unusually high viewership. The overall result was that September was the channel’s best month ever, with 373,461 views and 3.4 million minutes watched (a 42% increase in both views and minutes watched over August).

The reason for the boost was YouTube’s recommendation algorithms—due to an unknown quirk in the system, YouTube suddenly began promoting this episode heavily to people who had never seen the channel before, resulting in a spike in viewership. Even once the initial peak passed, traffic remained about 25% higher than before.

If you’ve never seen our weekly webcast before and want to find out what you’re missing, visit the offTheLeftEye YouTube channel  Monday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern to watch new shows live, or visit anytime to watch our archive of episodes on life, God, spiritual growth, the Bible, and much more!

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