OffTheLeftEye Hits 20,000 Subscribers

The Swedenborg Foundation’s offTheLeftEye YouTube channel reached 20,000 subscribers in early November, a remarkable 116 percent growth since the beginning of the year.

OffTheLeftEye features videos that explore Emanuel Swedenborg’s thought and apply it to all aspects of modern life, from science to current events to daily personal challenges. The channel features the weekly webcast Swedenborg and Life, an hour-long show that airs live on Monday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern time and remains accessible to watch at any time afterward.

The number of channel subscribers has been growing at an increasing rate since the beginning of the year, due mostly to YouTube’s systems for recommending videos. When someone watches a video on YouTube, the site will automatically recommend related videos to watch, and the more people watch, the more often our videos are recommended. This positive feedback cycle has resulted in accelerating growth since the beginning of the year.

In October, offTheLeftEye hit another record milestone—more than three million video views since the channel was first launched in 2010. To get a sense of how quickly the channel is expanding, consider that more than half of those three million views happened in 2015 alone, and that the channel continues to set monthly records for numbers of video views and minutes watched.

Want to see what you’re missing? Go to for an archive of all of our videos, including the most recent popular episodes of Swedenborg and Life. You can also read recaps of recent episodes right here on our site.

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