OffTheLeftEye Upgrades Studio, Launches New Show Format

Thanks to a substantial contribution from a generous donor, our offTheLeftEye YouTube video production team has been busy over the winter preparing to expand into a new studio space next to their current studio and offices. In addition to a larger studio space, we now have a brand-new set featuring a new backdrop and anchor desk and have upgraded every aspect of our video production ability, including new cameras, lights, audio, and digital production equipment.

Swedenborg and Life: New and Improved

Curtis Childs admires the construction of the new set

The core of the offerings on our offTheLeftEye YouTube channel is the weekly webcast Swedenborg and Life, which gives a Swedenborgian take on topics from the afterlife and spiritual growth to God and the Bible. Coinciding with the unveiling of the new studio with the March 19 episode, we’re launching a new, paired episode format to Swedenborg and Life.

The first episode in the pair has all the features that fans of the show have come to expect: Curtis Childs and co-host Jonathan Rose tackling a topic through a combination of passages from Swedenborg, animated sequences, live-action skits, and guest interviews. The upgraded equipment will give these shows a whole new look and allow the hosts to interact more with their environment, incorporating the use of cutting-edge virtual reality technology.

The second episode in the pair will be on the same topic as the first but will be broadcast live, allowing viewers to interact with the hosts and share their stories and experiences. In addition to audience polls and the ability to live-chat questions that are answered during the broadcast, these shows will incorporate stories from viewers relevant to the topic. It will also give the hosts a chance to discuss aspects of the topic that weren’t covered in the first episode.

The first show in the new format will be “Do Ghosts Exist?” on March 19, followed by a live episode on the same topic on March 26.

A Special Donor

The studio expansion was made possible by a gift from Peter Dowden, who made the donation on behalf of himself and his sister Gloria Dowden-Cooney.

Peter grew up as part of a Swedenborgian community in New England, and while he later moved away from involvement in the church, he never lost his love for Swedenborg’s writings. He spent most of his working life in the region of Montreal, Canada, where he worked as a stone mason and had an active volunteer life.

Peter’s deepest desire is for peace on earth. Now eighty-nine, he had been searching for a way to leave a lasting impression on the world when he discovered the Swedenborg Foundation and the offTheLeftEye channel. He knew right away that this was the way he could continue to help the world for a long time to come.

In honor of Peter’s tremendous gift, we have named our new space The Peter Dowden & Gloria Dowden-Cooney Studio.

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