• Beauty, Wonder, and the Mystical Mind

    By Wilson Van Dusen

    Psychologist and seeker Wilson Van Dusen describes the experience of what he calls the “mature mystic,” a person who has a sustained experience of God, and how we can all use that knowledge to enrich our spiritual lives. Read more

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A lifelong explorer of the spiritual realm speaks insightfully of the transcendent dimension. Wilson Van Dusen enumerates the common characteristics of the mature mystic and presents a brief history of mysticism. He explains how religion fits within the context of culture and then how mysticism fits or does not within the context of religion. A useful chapter introduces a simple, effective meditative practice.

About the Author

Wilson Van Dusen (1923–2005) earned a PhD in clinical psychology and spent his professional years working with schizophrenics. As a psychologist, he gravitated toward the depths of human experience, with a special interest in the human potential for the experience of God. An accomplished writer, his later books focus on the spiritual universal that transcends cultural and doctrinal differences. These books include The Natural Depth in Man, Returning to the Source, and Beauty, Wonder, and the Mystical Mind.


“In every field, some books…become classics. Wilson Van Dusen’s is such a book. He…maps the mystical path for those awakening to the journey.”

—Dan Millman, Author of The Laws of Spirit

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