See Curtis Childs at Austin NDE Symposium

Fans of the videos Curtis Childs produces and hosts on the offTheLeftEye YouTube channel can see him speak live in Austin, Texas, at the Wisdom of the Near Death Experience Symposium, to be held March 23–25, 2018.

The three-day event will feature keynotes and workshops from prominent near-death experiencers, researchers, and authors such as Mary C. Neal, MD; Jeffrey Long, MD; Howard Storm; and many more.

Curtis will be giving two presentations on Saturday, March 24. The first, “How to Make Every Experience Spiritual,” is an hour-long exploration of how we can bridge the gap between sublime spiritual experiences of love and light—such as one might have in a near-death experience—and the often irritating, distracting world of dirty dishes and traffic jams. How do we navigate the distance between heaven and earth? The theme continues in an afternoon workshop, “Three Practical Tools for Constant Spirituality,” which features three distinct techniques for strengthening the connection between the spiritual and the everyday.

A weekend pass to the conference ($129) allows attendees access to all talks (including Curtis’s) as well as breakfast, lunch, and a social mixer on Saturday night. Workshops are each ticketed separately and are not included in the weekend pass; Curtis’s is $35.

For full list of speakers, agenda, and ticket information, visit:

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