Seven Days of Spiritual Evolution by E. Kent Rogers Now Available

We’re proud to announce our newest publication Seven Days of Spiritual Evolution: The Genesis of Personal Transformation is now available.

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With the ongoing evolution of modern scientific discoveries, Bible-readers like humanitarian, psychotherapist, and author E. Kent Rogers face challenging questions about how to to interpret Bible passages like the Creation story. In Seven Days of Spiritual Evolution, Rogers responds to a growing movement of biblical literalism by using Emanuel Swedenborg’s deeper symbolic meanings of Bible text.

Using Swedenborg’s language of correspondences, Rogers reminds a new generation of Christians that the Creation story in Genesis 1 represents our psychological landscape as it unfolds along the horizons of our inner journey toward God—our own transition from darkness to light. He draws insightful parallels between the different stages of our spiritual growth and contemporary psychotherapeutic treatment—from person-centered to cognitive to behavioral therapies. To make the intangible tangible, Rogers accesses what he has learned as both a mental health counselor and spiritual practitioner to offer workable methods for improving how we think and behave on a daily basis.

Order your copy and explore how psychology, spirituality, and everyday experience can be woven into a practical approach to spiritual growth.

Seven Days of Spiritual Evolution: The Genesis of Personal Transformation by E. Kent Rogers is available now for $15.95 in paperback with e-book versions coming soon. If you’re interested in Bible interpretation, be sure to also check out E. Kent Rogers’s popular book: 12 Miracles of Spiritual Growth: A Path of Healing from the Gospels.

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