Swedenborg’s Writings

Swedenborg’s theological writings were originally written in Latin and published between 1749 and 1771. Over the years they have been published in many different editions and translated into many different languages worldwide. The Swedenborg Foundation offers a complete translation series known as the Redesigned Standard Edition and a more modern and still in progress translation series known as the New Century Edition.


New Century Edition Translation (NCE)

An in-progress translation series that features a modern-language, scholarly translation of Swedenborg’s theological works.


Redesigned Standard Edition Translation (RSE)

A complete translation series originally produced in the early 1900s and updated in the 1990s.


Other Swedenborg Translations

Although the New Century Edition and Redesigned Standard Edition are our featured translation series, we also offer a few other translations of Swedenborg’s writings which you can download or purchase in paperback here.

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