New Transcendiots Webcast Episode Debuts February 12

In the season two debut, Transcendiots creator and host Rev. Cory Bradford-Watts interviews Kent Rogers, author of Seven Days of Spiritual Evolution: The Genesis of Personal Transformation, about topics from his book and much more. Viewers who tune in will see Cory and Kent discuss how the Creation story in the book of Genesis represents our own spiritual birth, as well as ways to communicate with the Lord, practice love, and use meditation as a spiritual tool.

Viewers are encouraged to read Seven Days of Spiritual Evolution and download over 180 minutes of free audio meditations that complement the book’s explorations of spiritual growth.

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About Transcendiots

Transcendiots is a webcast hosted on the Swedenborg Foundation’s YouTube channel. Rev. Cory Bradford Watts, a member of the Swedenborg Foundation board of directors, created the series to bear witness to the magic that happens when ideas of heart and mind are exchanged between diverse people in the midst of their spiritual evolution. Cory chose the self-deprecating name for the series because he wanted to acknowledge his human limitations as he explores transcendent knowledge and the Divine.

Transcendiots Season One

The first season of Transcendiots wrapped up in April 2019, but it’s not too late to get caught up on some of the great conversations that Cory had with people from across the spiritual spectrum.

You can watch Swedenborgian theologian George Dole ponder the intersection of science and spirituality; hear a Unitarian divinity student describe his experience with storytelling and spirituality; walk the Fourth Way with a student of G.I. Gurdjieff; delve into new perspectives on nature and spirituality with a Swedenborgian professor; and get a psychologist’s perspective on applying Swedenborg’s thought to conflict resolution.

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