New Release: Secrets of Heaven Vol. 1 Deluxe E-Book

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The Deluxe edition of Secrets of Heaven vol. 1 is now available as a free e-book download from our bookstore.

Secrets of Heaven is Emanuel Swedenborg’s first and longest theological title. Originally published in eight Latin volumes—it was translated in twelve volumes in the older Standard Edition translations and will be in fifteen volumes in the New Century Edition—the work consists of a verse-by-verse exposition on the inner meaning of the books of Genesis and Exodus. Between each chapter of biblical commentary are Swedenborg’s descriptions of what he saw and learned in the afterlife, and much of that material became the basis for his later published works.

Secrets of Heaven vol. 1 contains Swedenborg’s commentary on Genesis chapters 1–8, including his description of the seven days of creation as a parallel for the process of spiritual growth that can lead all people to heaven. The supplemental material in this volume includes general commentary on the inner meaning of the Bible, a description of what it’s like to die and wake up in the afterlife, and details on what heaven and hell are like.

The New Century Edition series is published in two editions: Portable (the text of the translation only) and Deluxe. The Deluxe editions include introductions that put the works in historical context and give insights into the translation process; they also contain extensive notes explaining words or concepts and providing deeper insight into Swedenborg’s theology. In this e-book edition, the notes are hyperlinked—as are Swedenborg’s extensive cross-references to other sections of the text—making it easy to compare related sections as you read. The Portable edition is already available in both EPUB (for e-book readers) and PDF formats, while the Deluxe edition is available in EPUB format only (note that only EPUB editions are hyperlinked).

The Deluxe edition of Secrets of Heaven vol. 1 e-book will also be made available for sale via online retailers, along with the print edition of the book.

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