Summertime and the Readin’ is Good! Part 1

Looking for a different kind of summer reading to expand your spiritual horizons? Check out our selection of books to get you thinking and learning while you enjoy the sun and waves, or cool off inside with the air conditioning. Most of these titles are available in print and as low-cost or free e-books!

Discover history, mystery, and heaven with these fiction picks:


Paradise Misplaced

Against the backdrop of the Mexican Revolution, an imprisoned officer relives past loves and confronts present demons.





Searchers cover mechanical3.indd

The Searchers

What if the afterlife were not a place of judgment, but a learning environment where the newly arrived discover what kind of people they truly were during their lives on earth, and where those choices take them? Naomi Gladish Smith explores these realms through the eyes of arrivals and old souls alike.





Ghost Brother Angel

Childhood encounters with a family ghost left Grant Schnarr with a sense of a reality beyond our world. It wasn’t until he reached adulthood that Grant realized the ghost was still with him—and it had a message.




Getting Started with Swedenborg:


A Swedenborg Sampler

For new readers of Swedenborg, this volume provides samples of some of his most powerful writings.






Why Does God Let it Happen?

In this simple, straightforward book, Bruce Henderson tackles some of the most difficult questions that people of faith face in their lives.






Getting into Heaven–And Out Again

Grounded in descriptions of heaven and hell from Swedish scientist-turned-theologian Emanuel Swedenborg, this fanciful tour of the afterlife speaks to anyone with doubts about spiritual belief.





Swedenborg’s Garden of Theology

Jonathan S. Rose introduces readers to the basic concepts of Swedenborg’s writings, including Swedenborg’s view of God and the afterlife and his description of humanity’s spiritual history.





A Scientist Explores Spirit

Richly illustrated, the book includes a chronology of the life of Swedish scientist-turned-seer Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772), a bibliography of his works, and an outline of his key theological concepts.




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