Free Resources to Inspire Hope and Connection in Times of Crisis

In need of some relief during the Coronavirus quarantine? We’ve compiled a list of free and low-cost content to watch and read from the Swedenborg Foundation!

As the COVID-19 virus fuels a global pandemic and many people around the world are practicing social distancing to avoid the spread of the virus, you may be experiencing physical and spiritual isolation. On Monday, March 23, we’re going to air a special episode of Swedenborg & Life that focuses on ways to combat the fear that these times can inspire.

In addition to the upcoming video from offTheLeftEye, we also have many free and low-cost resources that you can access during this challenging time:

offTheLeftEye Videos

“How to Detach from Fear” from our Spiritual Toolkit series.

“The Heaven Project” – an episode of our series Swedenborg & Life that talks about how to achieve heavenly joy on earth.

“Conversations: The Peace of Heaven” from an interview with author and spiritual teacher Peter Rhodes.

“How to Access Inner Peace, and What Trap to Avoid” – an episode of our series News from Heaven.

And find hundreds more ad-free videos on related topics on our offTheLeftEye YouTube channel!

Blog Posts

“The Magical Power of Prayer”

“Finding Your Inner Freedom”

“Three Steps to Enjoying a Slice of Heaven”

“A Daily Spiritual Practice Based on Swedenborg’s Rules of Life”

And there’s much more to read on our Spirituality in Practice and Scholars on Swedenborg blogs!


Now is a great time to dive into Swedenborg’s writings. All of the editions and translations that we offer are available as free downloads in our online bookstore.

Divine Love and Wisdom – One of Swedenborg’s most popular works, this volume describes a loving God who is equally present with all people and explores the underlying unity of all living things.

Divine Providence Swedenborg undertakes the difficult task of explaining why a perfectly loving God would allow the existence of pain, suffering, and evil in the world.

A Swedenborg Sampler For new readers of Swedenborg, this volume provides samples of some of his most powerful writings.

Why Does God Let it Happen? – In this simple, straightforward book, author Bruce Henderson tackles some of the most difficult questions that people of faith face in their lives.

You can also browse through all of our free / low-cost e-books!

Free Audio Meditation Series

Audio Meditations for Seven Days of Spiritual Evolution – Designed by author E. Kent Rogers to complement the book’s explorations of spiritual growth.

Online Community

Join our Watching and Reading Swedenborg Facebook group to chat about spiritual growth and connect with others who are also inspired by Swedenborg’s work!

New Church Live – A Swedenborgian church service livestreamed Sundays at 10:30 a.m.* – An online spiritual community for Swedenborgians and seekers around the globe.*

Grand Human Project  – Virtual group gatherings for those inspired by Swedenborg to read, discuss, pray, and celebrate life in community.*

*Not affiliated with the Swedenborg Foundation.

Transcendiots Videos

Swedenborgian Author Kent Rogers on Divine Love, Freedom, & Spiritual Evolution

Swedenborgian Professor Dr. Rebecca Esterson on Bible Interpretation, God, & Spiritual Communities

Mennonite Pastor Dave Rogalsky on Interfaith Ministry, Swedenborgianism & Contemplative Spirituality

Find more interviews host Rev. Cory Bradford-Watts had with people from across the spiritual spectrum on the Swedenborg Foundation YouTube channel!

Stay well and we’ll be back with more resources to share next week!

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